About Us

TipToe Model Management was born to unearth African fashion talents and expose them to the International world of modeling and the professionalism of modeling as a career. TipToe has subsidiaries in the fashion industry that bring together various professionals within the fashion and modeling industry at home and abroad.

It has the TipToe Fashion Model Academy which was created to train, nurture, groom and equip people of all ages and sizes on etiquette, how to be professional models and to educate them on modeling as a career in order to make it easier for them in the competitive world of fashion and modelling and to broaden their scope of the fashion industry.

TipToe Fashion Exhibit is a fashion house that brings together young fashion entrepreneurs and upcoming Fashion Designers to showcase market and sell their products under one roof.

Mission Statement

TipToe aims at promoting models and providing them with opportunities to venture into other major Model agencies. It is an agency created to train, nurture, guide, groom and equip models in order to make it easier and stress-free for them in the competitive world of fashion and modeling and to protect models from exploitation.

  • To promote African Fashion talent in Modelling, Design, Photography and Event Management
  • To educate and enlighten people on the Fashion and Modelling Industry
  • To place recognition on successful African Models and Industry personnel

Company Policies

  • Zero-Tolerance for Exploitation Policy
  • Zero-Tolerance for Discrimination Policy
  • High sense of professionalism
  • Decency
  • No false promises
  • Job Creation Goal
  • Youth empowerment
  • Women empowerment
  • International Standard of models and Organization
  • High Model Marketing strategy at International Level
  • Agency Transfer

Associated Companies